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I have always been fascinated how different people interpret the same art differently, based on their life experiences and knowledge. That`s true even for the artworks, that at first sight leaves no doubt about the things depicted. So the art I create, I create with the aim to provoke associative thinking in the minds of the observers. My art is interwoven with the idea, that reality is a subjective notion which is created by the presence of the observer.

Through often zoomorphic characters that are time and time again confronted by abstract elements the audience is asked whether the beast is in the artwork or is the work simply mirroring the observers inner state. Because there are as many minds as realities, and you never know whose watching! The question is open- does reality exist if we do not observe it, and does the observer change the event that is taking place in the painting?

Arvils Linde, born 1987 in Riga. Has a bachelor and Master degrees in Fashion design from the Art Academy of Latvia. And a second Masters degree in painting at Art Academy of Latvia.  Lives and works in Riga, Latvia.




 Painting, illustration and  sculpture exhibition “The  Whishing Apparatus” at Berga Bazars


 Painting and sculpture exhibition “The House” at Berga Bazars



Illustration and sculpture exhibition “Hands of Gold” at  Art gallery ''Putti''

Illustrations for Raimonds Simanis book “Life trough the eyes of a microbe”

 Illustration solo-exhibition “Alien” at restaurant “B- bar” 




 Illustrations for Andris Bulis poetry book “Erotherica”


 Illustration solo -exhibition “Earthsea” at restaurant “Burzujs”


Painting solo-exhibition “Witches” at  Art gallery “Putti”




Illustration solo-exhibition “Alien” at restaurant “Burzujs”




 Illustration solo-exhibition “Mythago” at restaurant “Burzujs”




 Painting solo-exhibition “Black sun 2” at Riga International Airport, VIP lounge


 Illustration solo-exhibition “Black sun” at restaurant “Burzujs”




 Painting solo-exhibition “Blizzard of souls” at bar “VEST” in Riga


Painting solo-exhibition “Blizzard od souls” in frames of Riga Fashion Week, RISEBA architecture and media centre H20, Riga


 Painting solo-exhibition “Blizzard of souls” at Ogre art and history museum



“The Artists' Union of Latvia” 39th annual exhibition of visual art “Fall 2014. “Black dogs” 


 The Art Academy of Latvia and SEB bank competition exhibition “SEB scholarship in art”, LMA/ Riga.

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